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Hpv type 16 in young male


hi i have hpv type 16 anal warts

iv been using warticon but not working

it has been 14 months with the warts,i tested last month

im very emberassed to do surgery is it good if i wait till 24months? i heard that 90% of people it dissapears

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Go to your sexual health clinic and get them to change the treatment to Aldara (Imiquimod). This cream stimulates your immune system to get rid of the visible and invisible HPV.

Most people with normal immunity clear their HPV within 2 years, but smoking prevents normal clearance of HPV - so stop smoking if you do. Or poorly-controlled diabetes or HIV does likewise.

If the warts are large, surgery (usually simple scissor-snip excision) is quick and effective.

Best bet is to get referred for surgery NOW, and used Aldara while you're awaiting the operation, as it might clear everything up in the meanwhile.

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thanks im using aldara now :)

Dear niceguy,

Thank you for your question. Could I ask how you know the HPV type?. It is not something that is routinely tested in NHS sexual health clinics (assuming you are living in the UK?). It is uncommon for anal warts to be caused by HPV type 16, and may signify a different problem. Anogenital warts are usually type 6 or 11, whereas type 16 is considered a 'high risk' type.

Warticon should work within a few weeks if it's going to, so I would suggest a different treatment. Either cryotherapy (freezing) or Aldara (Imiquimod) or both.

If anal warts are large or troublesome then surgical removal is usually a good idea. But as suggested by casaverde, other treatments can be tried whilst you are waiting to see the surgeons.

I would strongly urge you to see a specialist at a sexual health / Genitourinary Medicine clinic.

Kind regards,


i paid to be tested for hpv

it said hpv type 16

im trying aldara

warticon didnt work for me

thanks :)

Who told you it was HPV 16? You should not have been told that. What country do you live in? The last 2 answeres are perfect but I am perplexed over the 16 story?

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i was tested dna testing

warts are from hpv 16

Warts can affect men and women of all ages. There are lots of other treatment options.

I wouldn't advise you keep waiting longer to see a specialist.You really don't need to feel embarrassed about getting further treatment, this is a very common problem that doctors and nurses see every day, the ones who work in specialist "Sexual Health" clinics would be able to give you the best advice though.

It's always a good idea to think of other aspects of your health that might make it more difficult for your warts to clear up e.g. smoking, certain medications, chronic illness e.g. diabetes or HIV.You have been unlucky that your warts are still causing you problems.

Again not sure why you've been told they are type 16 - have you had a biopsy somewhere? Find your nearest GUM/Sexual Health clinic & let them have a look at the warts. Freezing & Aldara are better treatment options & you may be suitable for surgical removal.



The responses above are all really helpful, you should head to your local sexual Health (GUM) clinic and get some advice and further treatment, if you're not sure where that may be NHSChoices has a good clinic finder as does the BASHH website.




I was tested for it

dna testing

it said detected hpv 16 so the warts are hpv 16!!

warticon did not work

im trying aldara now thanks everyone:)

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