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Genital herpes type 2

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Hey guys just been told i have genital herpes never had anything in my life 😷😩 feel so dirty and ashamed right now

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I was so upset when I found out I had it too. After looking through the internet at different websites, I scared myself because some just make up stuff to make you but products and stuff. Your GP might have given you a booklet on herpes, if not then this link is what's in the booklet I was given, give it a read, it'll make you feel better trust me. I've been taking acyclovir tablets 2 times a day for about 8 and a half months now. Only recorded having one breakout whilst being on them, but they really do help! I didn't realise how common it actually is! I had to tell my boyfriend for the first time when we first got together that I had them and he was so understanding so don't think that your life is over with meeting new people because it isn't. You've just got to learn to deal with it! Good luck x

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I found out that I had type one recently and I felt the same. I went to the Gum clinic and spoke to a health advisor and she made me feel better about, it really helped.

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Please don't beat yourself up... it's not your fault. As you will read this virus is becoming much more common.. it's just people don't talk about it!. Have a read through the pages on it's very informative.

Hopefully for you, it won't become too much of a problem by way of numbers of break outs. It affects people in different ways. Some people don't even get symptoms, some get an outbreak once or twice a year... some people get it more.

I find the best thing to do is to keep a diary so you can see if a pattern emerges then you can work out whether it's an occasional flare up and treat it accordingly.

Take care

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Kittycatclaws in reply to saj01

Thank you :)

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Grow up you kid, clearly have nothing else better to do with your life 😆

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Kittycatclaws in reply to Kt_5991

What u mean grow up kid ? I have plenty to do with my life thought this was suppose to be a support forum ?

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Ignore that idiot!

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What a helpful response u idiot

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You've nothing to feel dirty or ashamed about but I know I went through the same. People just don't realise that we carry it on our skin and can be completely unaware. Because you can't protect yourself from skin to skin contact without ruling out intercourse and oral sex we are all at risk. I was maybe lucky in that I'm probably older and had been married quite some time ago I haven't had to discuss it with new partners. My husband certainly carries the virus as he gets cold sores occasionally so I most likely caught it from oral sex and it sat there dormant for years. Nearly 11 years ago I got very ill with glandular fever and my immune system was at an all time low and suddenly I had an awful outbreak and got diagnosed. I took the medication while it was active but despite I've never had another outbreak since so it isn't necessarily going to alter your life. My doctor was lovely explaining it and as I'm sure the sites the others have recommended will tell you too it is more common than you'd think and because of its invisibility very hard to avoid exposing yourself to it. Don't be hard on yourself and take care x

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Kittycatclaws in reply to StripySpoonie

Thank you very much that was indeed helpful i dont feel so bad now , at first you just think omg im like a walking virus but your diclosure made me feel better thanks agan much apprecited :) x

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StripySpoonie in reply to Kittycatclaws

You can always message me if you need to chat or rant. My poor husband got the brunt of my anger 😳

I noticed there was a gap between the two posts from Kt_5991 when I was replying. I think maybe she was answering someone else's inappropriate reply to her and it was since removed. I don't think she'd be supportive like that and then 3 days later insult you. Maybe just give her a chance to explain?

Take care x

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Kt_5991 in reply to StripySpoonie

Yes I was replying back to a comment that some idiot had made, people like that make me so angry, I'm the kind of person that can't bite my tongue 😅

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StripySpoonie in reply to Kt_5991

We're two peas in a pod in that respect then! I read it and chuckled thinking it's something I'd say but they'd already taken it down by then x

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Kittycatclaws in reply to Kt_5991

Thanksi thought it was aimed at me my apologies 😂

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I don’t know if I’ve got it but I’ve been contacted by an ex partner who says she now has Herpes 2 and hasn’t had a new partner since we split 18 months ago.

Told my new partner who isn’t worried as she hasn’t any symptoms and neither have I

Do I get checked out?

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