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Living with Herpes type 2

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I am looking for advice here and please only advice from those living with Herpes Type 2 no offence to those who haven't got it.

I got diagnosed with it in early August 2016 and I have only had one outbreak. I met a new partner who I am currently with, later on in the month. I've got no sex drive and I don't know how to overcome this, my partner has high sex drive and I feel I'm not satisfying his needs even tho he tells me its not all about sex. I just don't have the urge.

I'm not worrying about passing it on as I believe you cant pass it on if your not having an outbreak as he has been checked a few times for it and results have come back clear.

6 Replies
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This must be worrying for you and affecting your relationship.

Herpes hasn't reduced my libido and I've never heard or read about it causing reduced sex drive in anyone else.

I'm not clear whether you are male or female or how old you are. If you are male it would be worth getting your testosterone levels checked. Low testosterone would result in a low sex drive.

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I’m female and 26

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Good morning.. Not sure whether you are male or female... but either way , am just wondering if your hormones are out of sync? If so, have a chat with your gp and get some tests done. With regards to the hsv ... have a read of website, it's very informative.

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Thank you I will x

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I have had it for ovr thirty yrs, been married 4yrs and lately my sex drive hasnt been like it was. My wife is very understanding. But i have to seek help

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I have had simplex 2 for thirty yrs, been married 4yrs, sex drive aint what it was. Seeking help to find out why

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