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mirena coil threads

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I have the mirena coil inserted at the end of July for the first time (approx 3 weeks ago) at first all was fine and I could feel 2 threads quite high up. I am currently on day 14 of a very light period (lighter but longer than usual) and I can only feel one thread which is quite low down. The other I can’t feel at all. Is it normal for the threads to feel different at different points in my cycle or is it more likely the coil has moved?

Thank you

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I also had this problem, the Coil has most likely moved. Please ask doctor to refer you for an ultra scan.

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The coil threads are not always palpable . They are often bound up in the cervical mucus and can even travel back up into the cervical canal. This does not mean the coil has moved. If you are concerned a Dr or nurse can do a speculum examination and see if they can see the threads.

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