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HIV symptoms + Rash?

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Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I hope someone can help me.

I had a potential exposure to HIV about 10 days ago. I gave oral to a woman.

2 days after I had the contact I felt a bit unwell and came out with some spots on my nose and a cold sore on my mouth. These went away within a couple of days. After this I had a very mild sore throat. And on the 5th day I had a Seborrheic dermatitis near my side burns. One minor the other a bit nasty.

On 6th day I had one minor night sweat which was elevated by taking off my hoodie. On 7th day I felt nauseous and unwell, and had a rash on my back. On 8th day I had a fever and diarrhoea in the early morning, which got better after a further couple of hours sleep which I was left with a mild headache and sensitive mouth but no ulcers appeared. By the evening I felt better and the following day I had no symptoms.

I also had some aches and pains periodically.

Now on day 10 I have no symptoms, but in the afternoon one of the spots on my nose came back and I feel a cold sore coming, but I think I might fight it off. I also have a bit of a rash on my neck.

I’m going to the doctors next week to get tested but was wondering if someone could tell me if they think I have probably contracted hiv or not? I’m really stressed out about it

I’ll post further pics in the replies


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Side burn rash

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Hi Wolverbean, the chances of contracting HIV from oral sex are tiny. Unless your partner had open sores on her genital area and you had similar in your mouth, then there is a theoretical chance but I doubt you would have gone down on her if she did have open sores/warts.

Call the Terrence Higgins Trust for more info

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Wolverbean in reply to Mads1975

Thanks Mads, it was quite poorly lit and my eye sight isn’t the best so I am not sure if she had sores or not. But thank you for your advice. I am worrying a little less. Thank you again 🙂

Hi, It sounds more like Herpes than HIV with the symptoms you’re explaining. Has the lady you slept with got HIV?

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Wolverbean in reply to Lisao78

Thank you Lisao! I’m not sure, it was a one off type of thing. I have had cold sores since I was young, likely Hsv-1. So it is possible I have hsv-2 now I guess?

Worrying isn't going to change things... go to your local sexual health clinic. and get checked out.

If you go onto the NHS website you will be able to research the real likelihood of catching HIV/AIDS from a contact such as you describe. If this occurred in UK as "MADS" says the chance is pretty small. Have you any particular reason to think that she might be infectious?

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Wolverbean in reply to 3simon

Thanks Simon, I’m concerned mostly cos they are not a previously know person to me and a few days after I started to show symptoms. I know it is relatively low risk behaviour in the grand scheme of things, but cos I got symptoms I started to panic. I fear as I think many people would that I would be that small percentage that would catch it through this behaviour.

The risk of acquiring HIV through oral sex is <1/10,000 . The risk of the woman having HIV in the UK is 0.1/1000 people . So the risk of acquiring HIV is those two figures multiplied together - which is 0.1/10,000,000. So an extremely low chance. Plus the rash with HIV seroconversion tends to be a whole body rash which is different to the pics you posted.

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Wolverbean in reply to Galen70

Thank you Glen, I saw you post on similar questions and was hoping you would post on mine too. I do feel calmer now that I’ve got feedback from you and others about this. I’m still going to get checked by a doctor, but at least I’ll sleep easier between now and the results of the tests. Thank you again!

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Galen70 in reply to Wolverbean

You are most welcome :-)

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3simon in reply to Galen70

Thank you for that wonderful analysis Galen!

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Galen70 in reply to 3simon

You are most welcome.

Hi WolverhamptonGet tested for syphilis

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Wolverbean in reply to mogamed

Hi Mogamed, thank you. I got tested for syphilis as well as HIV on Friday. It’s pretty early days so I’ll have to retest a couple of times over the next month to make sure. I’ll post on here my results as they come in. All the best

*update. I took tests for HIV, Syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea 15 days after potential exposure. All came back negative. It’s still too early to tell for Syphilis and HIV. I will do a further test at 29 days and 45 days for HIV. Syphilis has a window of 3 months, so that will take a while. I’ll also test for herpes at the 28 day mark. I am still having up and down days of feeling unwell (feeling a bit sick and then feeling ok) I might do a test for hep B & C too just in case. Will keep you updated.

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