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recently diagnosed hiv

recently diagnosed hiv

I was diagnosed on the 11 of march 2013 with hiv, the same day i was diagnosed i was addmited to hospital suffering from pcp, (pneumocystic carinii pneumonia) Being new to hiv and not realizing the significance of pcp I told friends the reason I was in hospital was because of pcp. most of my friends have then googled pcp and discovered that pcp is an aids defining illness so i have in effect unwittingly told all my friends i have aids. result being my circle of friends has been reduced by about 85%. I am so angry that my doctor did not explain that pcp was more or less exclusive to people with hiv/aids.

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Sammysam am very very sorry to hear that. Don't worry about your friends, it just that they don't have the understanding and knowledge about the illness. If they knew then they wouldn't have reacted that way towards you. But guess what life us not all lost. You can still live a healthy and normal life, just like any other healthy person. So take heart. you will get all the professional help that you need, so in that aspect you are not alone. If u need someone to chat to,send me a msg take care now and all the best.



Hi Sammysam1337

It seems this is a difficult time for you. I do hope you are getting some support around your diagnosis. Most HIV clinics have internal and external resources to help you deal not just with the medical aspects of your diagnosis, but the social and emotional aspects, so be sure to ask what is available. HIV is chronic and manageable, and although it may seem scary right now while you are adjusting to the diagnosis, over time things will become easier. It may also help you to find a support group for the newly diagnosed, which will be comprised of people also in the same place of learning to live with HIV.

One really good online resource is - try going to the newly diagnosed section for now as a good place to start.

Hope that's helpful



Hi Sam

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis and the ignorance of your friends. Those that matter will still be there for you or will get better informed and come back, hopefully. As the previous responses have said, getting the knowledge you need for yourself to deal with this is crucial, and the aidsmap website has excellent information. Also, has a Community Forums section for members that are living with HIV, where you can speak to and get support from thousands of people across the UK. It's a free site which also links you into support services through Terrence Higgins Trust, including counselling, which can be extremely useful after diagnosis.

Getting the info you need to feel confident about talking about HIV (or not talk about it, if that's what you choose) is essential, and speaking to people in the same position makes a huge difference. Though it not may feel like it right now, the good news is that with your diagnosis you can get the treatment you need to help you stay healthy - I had pcp over 15 years ago (been living with HIV for more than 20 years) and I'm fit and healthy today, with a long life ahead of me yet.

Get yourself better, out of hospital and back on track with your life - a HIV diagnosis thankfully is nothing like it was years ago, but it is going to take some work on your part.

All the best


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now lets get oranges and apples separated. pcp occurs in any person who is immunocompromised because it is an (opportunistic infectious disease). it lives because your body cannot fight it. pcp does NOT constitute full blown AIDS but serious. I am assuming u gay, this is why your friends are not there, some are afraid, and well lets be real some shallow, many are shallow and superficial. it is the culture. I lived it, I know no one told me this. peace.


Dear Joaparra,

I'm not sure this comment is helpful.

Whilst you are correct, PCP can occur in anyone, HIV is still the most common reason and a quick Google search will point to that.

In addition PCP is considered an AIDS defining illness, so being diagnosed with it does indeed mean you have 'AIDS'. AIDS merely indicates the stage of HIV infection.

It is wrong to assume that sammysam1337 is gay. Also, saying that friends are not there just because he is gay I think is unlikely.

Perhaps where you live sexual orientation is still a big issue, but here in the UK acceptance is much higher and generally people know their friends well enough to be out.

Sammysam1337, I'm sorry to hear of your difficult time and do hope you are starting to feel better and have found who your true friends are.

Kind regards.


No I am not gay and grew up in a country where being gay was against the law. I was married twice and have two teenage kids.


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