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Worried for hiv

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Had unprotected sex with my girlfriend abt 5 months back.v never had any sexual acitivity with anyone elz.v perform oral sex on each other.after that i started get small boils on my penis head.they hav gone now . But nw me n my girlfriend hav both got fever. I feel weak and my muscles and joints pain a bit. I got cough and sweaty palms n feets. Nw i am very scared dat i might hav got hiv . Im very stressed by dis

Plz help.thnk u

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Hi, this could just be a virus. What you need to do is go to your nearest Sexual Health Clinic and get tested for all STI's. My understanding with HIV is that the flu like symptom happen 6 weeks after coming into contact with the virus so if you were with your previous girlfriend 5 months back and are getting flu like symptoms now it would not be HIV.

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I had a tlk abt dis . With my girlfriend. And she said ders nuin 2 worry abt . She said she is nt hiv positive and she dsnt hav any disease she said me dat im jst overthinking and assuming all my symptoms as hiv symptoms. Im a overthinker. I think a lot.

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I would still go and get a full STI check anyway if you have had unprotected sex.

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Ok ill go n do an sti test.buh do u think any chances of hiv ?😅

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As has been said, having a full STI test will let you know your health status and hopefully reassure you.

I contracted HIV from my first girlfriend that I lost my virginity to. It was on my 20th birthday and she was just 17.

Fortunately I asked her to have a test when she told me that I was her 4th partner and after she tested positive I was then tested and received a HIV positive result to.

This was in Jan 1996 and was told we had between 1 to 10 years life expectancy. We have both outlived that guesstimate but it hasn’t been an easy ride.

Best to always wear protection until you know your partners status and to have regular STI checks

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Oh sorry 2 hear abt u. Buh i knw her frm childhood till nw.she dsnt hav any sort of disease

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The only way you can know if some one has HIV or doesn’t have it, is to be tested. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a unique symptom which provides evidence of hiv.

I’ve lived 22 years with nobody knowing I have Hiv unless I’ve told them.

But if you’re sure she could not have HIV then you’re saying that you may already contracted it before you met her? If so then get yourself tested as soon as possible!

I think the best thing to do is for both of you to go to your G U clinic and get tested... you need to tell them all of your symptoms... When you say boils... were they? What you don't say is were you your girlfriends first partner.. if not,?? There's nothing to be ashamed of in going for tests and it's the quickest and most effective way of dealing with any problems... real or imaginary. The problem is, where people tend not to practise safe sex and have casual sex ... the risks of contracting any infection and passing it on, are so much higher nowadays. You owe it to yourselves to get check out..

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