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i have vaginal trush its been a year and i dont know what go do. it keeps coming back. can someone give me a good advise

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Are you sure it's thrush? Have you seen Yr gp /nurse? Have you used thrush treatments?If it's really recurrent ask to be seen by a specialist. It might not be thrush.

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yes it a white discharge that comes out whenever im having sex .

im planning to visit a gynechologist

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That isn't necessarily thrush. What other symptoms do you have?

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i do not have any symptoms . when i have sex there is a cheesy cottage white discharge that comes out. is it yeast infection?

I feel for you as im the same, I've had it since october I've phoned the docs and nurses and been in to see them but I've not once been examined, they just say it's my pill and that I need to have the mirena coil to combat it! I'm not so sure but will have to try it, I hope they sort you out soon as I know how horrible is.

Recurrent thrush could be a sign of other underlying problems. You could be diabetic or have a poor immune system. Best check with your doctor.

Thrush can keep recurring if you are diabetic and your blood sugar is high !!! I get it myself since I have been diagnosed type 2 but didn't get it at first when my sugar was controlled, for the last 3/4 months because of other chronic illnesses my sugar level has got higher and I have started having thrush worse some days than others !!!

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