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Copper coil issue

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With the copper coil does anyone experience severe bloating. I had mine fitted on the 27th may and ever since I’ve had on and off spotting/bleeding/brown discharge. Also pain on and off and bloating.

Can anyone relate?

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Hi! Yes. I had similar when i first got mine in. This is normal- your body and hormones are trying to go back to normal or normal itself out (especially if you were on different contraception before with added hormones) Also- the pain i think is more to do with your uterus trying to get use to the coil being in as its not use to being disturbed.

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Thankyou for your reply. I actually passed out and fainted when it was inserted at the doctors, I was in unbelievable pain and she said my womb was really small and cervix was completely shut. But they still managed to get it in, and ever since I’ve had on and off pain etc... but yeah the bloating is mad! I look pregnant and obvs I really don’t want to be but it causes me anxiety x

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