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Can I take the 7 day bleed at any time after more than 21 days of taking the pill?


I am on the combined pill Dianette and because my periods are so painful and heavy I choose to piggy back pills, so after 21 days I will go straight onto the next 21 days of the pill without a bleed. I am 4 days into the third strip (3rd set of 21 days) but wish to have a period now. If I stop taking the pill now for 7 days, will I have a bleed? And if I don’t have a bleed could I be pregnant? (BTW my doctor said it was okay for me to take the pill back to back)

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Dear Bluebunny,

To answer your 3 questions:

a. Can you stop the pill in mid-pack?

This depends on when you last had sex, as sperm can survive for up to seven days. If you last had sex > 7 days ago, then it should be safe to stop. But make sure you use an alternative contraceptive thereafter.

b. Will you bleed?

If you are referring to a withdrawal bleed, then yes, you should expect this.

c. If you don't bleed, does it mean you're pregnant?

Not necessarily. Some women don't bleed (or bleed only very lightly) during their pill-free breaks. It depends on the individual.


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