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What can I do if my implant is causing problems however I can’t get it removed please read don’t usually do this sort of thing! Need help x


Don’t usually do this sorta thing but kind off need some help. Had an implant put into my arm 2 years ago..... however since I’ve had the implant in I’ve had constant bleeding... witch is concerning I know! Been to the sexual health clinic although haven’t had sexual inter-cause and for some strange reason I was swabbed although I stated I hadn’t had sex. So they ran some tests and my swab came back clean. There would be no reason why it shouldn’t. However asked the women if I could have it taken out off my arm as it’s driving me nuts and can’t keep living like this. She said because the implant costs so much to put in I’m not able to have it out. So What can I do to try and stop bleeding. I’m tiered of it. Please if there is anyone out there that can give me some suggestions it would be highly appreciated.

Thankyou x

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Hello ...

My friend who is 10 years younger than me had this same problem

She had it for only 6 months.. she's 18 I felt she'd left it in long enough to see if it would settle down and it didn't.. she bled all the time..

I called the clinic myself and demanded that they take it out for her as she's had enough of a permanent period and was constantly upset .. I don't think they took her seriously when she asked due to her age..

As soon as I called and posed as her angry auntie they agreed ...

She has not ever had a smear test as in the UK they see no reason to until you are 25 years +. .she's probably done the swabs for you to test for BV and thrush .. she may have done a smear you aswell ? Depending on your age . If youre of age I'd advise a smear if you haven't had one in the last 3 years just to.rule that out.

I'd call the clinic and demand that you have it out.. after all in my opinion it can't be that expensive to put in otherwise that option would not even be available on the nhs.

They put it in for you so they have a responsibility to remove it and it is your body so you can ask them to do what you want.. if it's too expensive to keep putting in and removing then they shouldn't even be offering it as an option.

Hello, I had this same issue! I had constant bleeding for around 1 year, weight gain and a lot of extra pain! I was miserable and had been back and fore for 6 months wanting it out and not getting anywhere. My GP were the ones who was hesitant and didn’t want it taken out, so I went to a sexual health clinic and asked them there if they could do it instead and with no fuss they did! The cost of the implant was briefly mentioned but understood that I couldn’t keep living that way and it was better to have it taken out. I experienced all the same issues with the coil and had it out with no fuss! However I don’t go through my GP anymore for contraception as I felt their knowledge was limited and would give anything in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies. However, I’m guessing from what you’re saying, you were at a clinic when you requested it had been removed? Maybe try your GP and see if they’d recommend you have it taken out (hopefully they will!) after all if after 2 years things haven’t settled it is clearly not suitable for you and therefore they should remove it! They have a duty of care and I hate how when you first get it put in they all say ‘if there’s any problems whatsoever we just get it taken out’ but when it comes to it, that never happens! X

Ok I am presuming you are in the UK. If you have had an implant insertion, and are having problems with persisting , unscheduled bleeding that doesn't respond to treatment ( like taking the combined pill on top - although this is usually only useful at the start ) then you are absolutely within your rights to request its removal. Yes the implant does cost money , but you have tolerated side effects for 2 years.

Unscheduled bleeding is one of the commonest causes for having the implant out. a reproductive health unit can advise you about other contraceptive choices.

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