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Various questions - please help if you can :(


Hello - new to this, so here goes...

So I have been with my partner 4 years and when we first got together we contracted Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea (obviously from previous people - we have always been faithful I absolutely know that). We took a course of antibiotics and then got our results back that it hadn’t gone, so we then took another course and we finally got the all clear this was 3 & a half years ago. Ever since then I suffer with recurrent BV & Thrush, literally I live with it I just have to get on and as women could understand it really brings me down. We are TTC and have been for a year, however I did miscarry last year sadly at 10 weeks + 2. I have read that BV can cause this, has anyone else experienced a loss and BV be the reason why? I’ve read a few things online that Chlamydia could just re-occur or re-infect as such. Has or is anyone in the same position as me? I didn’t think it could just come back being with the same partner and honest to God I know my partner has not cheated on me and nor have I. I now have what I think is thrush.. however my discharge has gone from white cottage like to thin & watery but the itching sensation is still there. I am using cream, but I have never used a pessary sounds stupid but the thought of it cringes me out. Could it be because I haven’t used a pessary ever to clear the infection the reason I am getting infected often? Does the pessary actually help?

I was referred to the gynaecologist and had several tests to find out why I was suffering with the recurrent infections but they literally could not find anything in their words I am “textbook” - I then was discharged from Gynae March last year & fell pregnant in May & miscarried in July since then we have been TTC and so far no long. I was then referred back to Gynae and my appointment was supposed to be at the end of March this year but obviously because of lockdown & coronavirus it was cancelled until further notice. I have major health anxiety everything scares me so if anyone has been in my position and has any advice at all it would be appreciated. I just want to be a Mother and I want to give the man I love the family he deserves. :(

Could I still have an sti even tho we both got the all clear & neither of us have been unfaithful?!

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I think there are a couple of issues here. First of all I would recommend attending a sexual health clinic once COVID has eased. They are the specialists in recurrent discharge and have near patient tests that are more accurate than the GP or gynae. If it is proven recurrent or persistent candida, there are other treatment options. Its more often not candida at all , and that's why "thrush" treatments don't work.

Secondly they can do a sexual health screen for you to reassure you no STIs are present. Or you could order a home testing kit during COVID which should be free. Check online.

Thirdly BV can be associated with second trimester miscarriage. You unfortunately miscarried in the first trimester which is not associated with BV - and remember 1 in 10 pregnancies miscarry so it may have just been a random , although distressing, event.

The average time to conceive is 8 months, if a couple don't conceive after 12 they can be referred for further investigations. So the silver lining of all of this is that you did conceive, it just didn't progress, and hopefully next time it will :-)

Hope this helps and consider finding out about local sexual health services online.

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Thank you so much for your response I hugely appreciate it!

When I was referred to Gynae I am sure they tested me all again for STI’s which I’m sure were clear I am just so worried that 1) they wasn’t correct 2) when we got the all clear the first time that it wasn’t accurate and we have both still had it this whole time or 3) it has come back and we are both re-infected but I’m not sure how true this could be... really don’t know! But I will definitely go to a sexual health to chat with them and be tested for peace of mind I may also order a home one, I will look into this.

Well that’s definitely given me a little bit of peace.. I thought BV could cause a miscarriage at any time. I was being referred for help due to my recurrent issues & my miscarriage but obviously because of Covid-19 it’s on hold :(

I have never actually used any internal pessaries for thrush, do you think this could be a reason it keeps coming back?

Thanks again for your help :)

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Once you and a partner are treated correctly, the infection cannot recur , unless a person picks one up from a new contact. The tests are DNA ones, the chance of them missing something is extremely small, but if you wish to test again for peace of mind that's fine. If you do and all ok I would be reassured by that.

If it is candida, a small percentage ( about 5%) can be resistant to the tablets but not pessaries. You could try one , there is also a cream version you can squirt into the vagina. Neither treatment works for BV. there are some pharmacy kits that can help to test for BV.

I think a sexual health clinic assessment would put your mind at ease on several levels.

you are most welcome :-)

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