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Bleeding with a Copper Coil

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Hi I was wondering if anyone knew if it was normal to bleed between periods when you have a copper coil. I got it put in this year and have been bleeding, not hugely but noticeably between periods. is this normal or should I go back to the clinic/GP?

any advice would be much appreciated, thank you.

8 Replies

Hi, it´s been 18 months since I got my IUD copper coil, and I haven´t had bleeding between periods, according to the GP info they gave me you should go to your GP if it´s been a constant bleeding. I don´t think you should worry too much, XO.

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Hi I had the copper coil put in after I had my daughter in April 2015. It all seemed fine at first but then I was having really long, heavy painful periods. After a few months I was bleeding for 4 to 5 days really heavy then it would stop for 3 to 4 days then have heavy bleeding again, so I was having around 4 heavy periods a month. I also got serious abdominal pain during workouts. I've had scans and blood tests but everything was normal. Eventually I just got it taken out and started taking cerazette instead which has made a huge difference. I am now going to try the hormonal coil as it releases the same hormone as cerazette . Just keep track of your bleeding and make sure you tell your doctor about the changes. The copper coil just doesn't seem to work well with some people as my friend also had irregular bleeding with it and got it removed. Hope you figure out what's best for you :)

Ps. maybe see about taking cerazette or another pill alongside the coil to see if that settles the bleeding?

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Girlll in reply to Amybu23

Hi, I am currently suffering the same problems with the copper coil.

Do you know if cerazette causes great weight gain following experience? I am concious of this after reading potential side effects.

Thank you

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Amybu23 in reply to Girlll

It's not affected me at all. I've managed to lose around a stone even whilst taking it. At least with the pill if it has undesired side effects you can stop taking it and it doesn't take long for the side effects to wear off, then you can try something else. I've had several pills from every different category of pill plus many other contraceptions and I've found cerazette to be the best of everything. Hope it all goes well for you :)

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i changed from hormonal contraception to the copper coil recently too. but the GPs here messed me around so i had 2-3 months between my implant running out and finally getting the coil which gave me time to notice my bodies rhythm without artificial hormones. i noticed i was getting bleeding/spotting between periods regularly so i back tracked it and spotted it was around the same time that i would be ovulating (12-14 days before my period). apparently bleeding then is normal and is actually a positive sign for fertility.

maybe try tracking it, to see if you can spot a pattern, apple health is pretty good has option for menstruation and spotting. but if you are worried there is never any harm in asking a professional.

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Hi it is normal for spotting to occur in-between periods with the copper coil. Here is a link to an article I have been reading which answers a lot of questions I had. I know this was posted a year ago but just incase anyone searche this question again :)

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Next time, try the shot. Those IUDs have done awful things to women. If you're looking for something to quell the bleeding, try NovaSure. It's only for women that are finished having kids though...and IS NOT birth control. The Depo shot always stopped my period though.

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toastkid in reply to Jbold1

The likelihood of something serious occurring with a coil is super low though.

It's the Essure that has had serious complications.

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