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I haven't had children but I'm interested in the IUD

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Hello! I have recently come off the birth control pill Cerelle and I'm looking into getting the copper IUD instead. Does anyone have any information on this as a lot of people keep telling me I need to have children first but my Nurse was more than happy for me to have it if I wanted too?

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I think it is very unusual that anyone has said this as I have never heard it before and I was able to get it too and I haven't had kids either. I do know that the copper IUD is known for making periods a lot heavier and painful and the hormonal IUD is supposed to make them lighter and better.

I hope this helped :) xx

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That's brilliant, thank you. I'm going to speak to the GP as well anyway I just don't want the Mirena because of the hormones and I know they push that one... I'm hoping the Copper one will work better for me. Not to worried about the heavier bleeding or anything like that so fingers crossed!

Thanks again Daisy1904 xx

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I understand! I was in that situation I wanted copper but pushed for hormone :( had it taken out 6 weeks later haha! Good luck xx

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Everyone's experience is different because we all have different bodies. I don't think the IUD did well for me. It made periods heavier and gave me more pain. Now I've taken it out I haven't had a period for just over a month, I know I'm not pregnant. It's more painful when it gets put in then when it gets taken out. It's not that painful just more uncomfortable but you can't feel it once it is in. My advice is make sure you know you want it before having it put in - all the pros and cons etc. Anyway I hope this helps x

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This is an old myth. Its simply easier to insert an IUD if a woman has had a vaginal delivery, but sometimes they can be inserted in young people under the age of 16 if the pregnancy risk is high ( and then removed when all ok ) . Not all women have heavier or more painful periods with the IUD - if that is the case already, then an IUS is preferable.

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