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Contraception Advise please?

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Hello, I have been on the mini pill cerelle for 3 years since being on this pill I have gained 3 stone! so i am now classed as obese. Before this I was on the implant but I struggled with painful periods ( Had to call in sick for work, Couldn't get out of bed, crawling on the floor , Vomiting, D+++, etccc), and as cerelle is great for not having Periods at all it has made me really uncomfortable with my weight Making me depressed. I have spoken to two doctors and they don't seem to help. They just tell me I wont be able to loose weight unless I come off the mini pill, IS there any contraception that will make me go back to my healthy weight? make me stop having painful periods and also make sure I NEVER EVER get pregnant, the contraception I have been on are Yasmin Pill, Injection, Implant and cerelle.

PS: I have also asked to be sterilised since the age of 16 to now which is 27 and they keep telling me i have to be 35 , Married and have 2 kids? Even though i know women than me who are younger not married with no kids.

Any help would be appreciated.

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*Younger than me

Could your partner be the one to take the responsibility for this and have a vasectomy?

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I don't have a partner, and if I did how would this help with my painful periods? Also how is that suppose to help me loose weight? Very confused?

I take it you're not able to take the combined pill for medical reasons? Have you tried diet and exercise to help with the weight gain? The only other contraceptive is the coil but you seem too young for that.

Yasmin was the combined pill I was on and my already painful periods got worse? Diet and exercise hasn't worked and I spoke to the doctor about this and they said it's cause of the pill cerelle that's why diet and exercise wasn't working . I've read about the coil as there is two and I'm open to trying them but am worried they will make my painful periods come back?

Just out of interest did cerelle give you irregular bleeding when you first started taking it? I have to change to mini pill soon as combined has increased my blood pressure.Apart from trying a different combined pill as there are many brands sorry not sure what to suggest. Did you take any prescription painkillers before you went on cerelle? They may help if you want to come off it.

Not that I can remember I went on it to stop my periods all together and it did the job, yes I did and they didn't work.thats when I was on the implant, I once passed out at the top of the stairs and woke up at the bottom due to the pain of the periods I have and I had.

Why not the Mirena IUS ? Also what country are you living in, your marital status has got nothing to do with sterilisation, but because of significant regret and people also not being covered for reversal on the NHS , female sterilisation has some limits in the UK.

What are the pros and cons of this? I've read about it am just scared due to horror stories I've heard. Does the mirena cause weight gain? Does it also stop painful periods? I'm in the UK. England.

There are many women who think coils are great. They dont suit everyone, thats why we have multiple different types of contraception. You should attend a reproductive health unit to discuss.

Where can I find a reproductive health unit in the UK? I've never heard of them.

Most major cities have one. Can you tell me the city you are in , if indeed you live in a city. Please do not give any other details.

I don't live in a city , um I googled it and it just said it was a sexual health clinic? Is that correct cause if it is I know where it is :) Also thank you for the link am going to have a read threw.

Sexual and reproductive health are often combined together in most cities - however there are separate units in some place. I have randomly picked Nottingham as an example

Thank you.

you are most welcome

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