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Contraception pill & menstrual cycle


Hi I started taking the desogestrel microgram pill last Thursday whilst I was on my menstraul cycle I forgot to take saturdays pill but took Sunday’s and I haven’t stop bleeding since but my menstrual cycle would of finished on the Monday so I can’t understsnd why I’m still bleeding like I’ve only just come on my cycle I’ve been in pain with my stomach and my legs and ankles feel really heavy and I’ve had headaches should I stop taking the pill untill I go bk to see the nurse which will be tomorrow would I be able to ask the nurse to refer me for further test to find out what’s going on thanks

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Hi, personally I would continue to take pill until I see nurse tomorrow and go from there but I'm sure the pill leaflet states that you should stop immediately if you get painful legs and headaches as I can cause DVT. Your period might just be slightly longer this month but I do remember if I missed a pill then taking the missed one as well the one that was due and if the missed was over 12 hours to use extra contraception.

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