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Yea that’s likely an outbreak. It’s called viral shedding without blistering. The burning when u pee is likely bc of blisters in your urethra. So here’s the honest truth about antiviral meds. They are made by pharmacy companies to create dependence. If you start them, they clear a breakout by minimizing the viral load and thus you avoid a breakout. Once you stop them, they allow the viral load to rise quite quickly and you have a breakout within a month. Now you’re dependent and you are giving them a constant stream of income. This is why there is not much of a push for the cure because income is really great for these companies.

The other option is what i did. Let it take its course. Build natural antibodies. Treat the symptoms with calamine and tea tree oil lotion and pure coconut oil. Take lysine and drink plenty of water, as well as workout regularly to enhance your immune system. It takes about 6 months to build a great immune response to keep the viral load down. After that, i have Had no breakouts in 4 years. My last outbreak was about 10 months after i had stopped daily antiviral therapy altogether. I took 3 days only of acyclovir and went about my way.

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I’m going to start exercising more definitely and be more healthy with my eating! I just can’t stand being depressed anymore, I’m over the fact I have it, the worst thing is what it does mentally but thank you for your help x

Yea don’t be depressed. 60% of the population has herpes 1 or 2. Only about 1/3 of the 60% have outbreaks. So immunity plays a big part. You’re not alone. Use protection during sex. You’ll pull through it. Have an outlet to vent to.

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