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Sexual health

Hi for my recent unit 12 project I am studying and performing in a play called “Home” by Nadia Fall.I play a character called Portugal girl who has been effected by STDS given to her by her boyfriend and was wondering if any sexual health nurses would awnser some of my questions for my research:

In what age group is the highest common risk factor of having an STD?

Do you think sexual health and safety is introduced enough in school systems today?

In what ways do you believe teenagers can be advised on safe sex?

Do you believe there is negative stigma when it comes to someone with a STD?

Is there physiological effects when someone gets an STD?

Do you believe teenagers are aware of the precautions and concequences of having unsafe sex?

Do you believe with the media being very sexually explicit in his imagery today that it has effected this generations idea on sexual health/safety and love?

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Yes I believe there is a negative stigma when someone has an std.

yes there are psychological effects of having an std, as someone who was diagnosed with genital herpes in April last year I am only just starting to come to terms with it however I do still cry and get upset and it gets me really down.

I don’t believe younger people understand the consequences of safe sex and I do believe it needs to be drummed into them how important it is.


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