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How long after taking the progestogen only pill did it take to come back onto a 'normal' cycle?

I've come off the pill now after 4/5 years of constant bleeding. Swapping from one pill to the implant then one both then on to the last 2 pills I was able to take. But now I haven't come back on after stopping! First time in 4 years have I wanted a period to come! I'm not pregnant either as I've checked. Now I'm worring that the pill has completely ruined my insides and cycle. Thank you in advance!! Xxxx

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Hi there,

I was on P-Only Pill and my periods were seriously irregular (sometimes my cycle was 10 days sometimes it was 30 days, sometimes my period lasted 10 days and sometimes it lasted 2 days). I came off 6 months ago and my periods have been like clock work since. My cycle is 25 days every month. But I wouldn't worry too much just now as everyone is different maybe leave it until your next period is due. If that doesn't come go to the doctor.

Hope all goes well x

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Thank you. Xx


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