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Is it possible I have chlamydia

Me and my ex broke up for a while and I went with someone else in march and had no symptoms. I got back with my ex in July we had sex but I started to get symptoms of an Urine tract infection... Got a few tablets from doctor then had sex in August. The pain was worse and had to always drink water to stop being sore. Finally I went to the health clinic to get told I have chlamydia (if I had it then surely my bf has it) I spoke to my bf and said he should speak with a doctor but he said he has no symptoms. I had brown discharge symptoms and still do but got antibiotics for 2 weeks. Me and my bf had sex October December. I went to health clinic again and tested for everything all negative...

No symptoms or anything just brown discharge but don't know what it is

Could it to be with infection or any one else suffer something like this

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Firstly, go back to your GP and see if you can get tested for other STIs. Request a blood test to be on the safe side. There is only so much 'downstairs' can tell a doc.

Secondly, ask your BF if he has defiantly seen a GP to be checked out. This happened to me before, and my BF then didn't get seen to and then proceeded to give me back the STI.

Chlamydia DOESN'T always have symptoms!

I NEVER had any, it was only picked up due to a routine smear test! So if he is saying that, he REALLY needs to be checked out.

Thirdly, have your monthly cycles been regular? And if you take or have a contraception, has it been working properly for you? If not, go back to your GP and discuss your options for better protection. It could be just general spotting (in-between monthly bleeds) which could be causing the brown discharge.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

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I would definitely head back to the doctor and do a re-test, and tell them about your new symptoms. Chlamydia does not have to have symptoms but can have really bad effects on your fertility. The sooner you get it treated the better. I would phone them today and get an appointment.

It's imperative that you tell the doctor each symptom and what you have explained on here so they can do their best to help you. If you had Chlamydia and didn't know, there could be a chance that you passed it on to you boyfriend unaware, and then perhaps re-infected yourself. I'm sorry to hear you're going through this and I would strongly advise to go see your doctor as soon as possible.

Look after yourself! X

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