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Raw skin on pecker

So I’m 19 yo and I am pretty active sexually and masturbate my fair share! I have been tested a couple times because of other odd things that keep popping up ! About 3 days ago , a couple of dry skin spots popped up on my shaft . I tried to take a bath and even put some lotion on it to make it go away and now they dry spots are more of like raw skin . Its only on the bottom side of my penis and the top of my sack where the two meet . When I wake up though the bottom for of my tip is dry again , and I can peel the skin off. I don’t think it’s an Std but then again what do I know.

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Go to your gp x


Could be Herpes. That presents as a small graze. Go to the clinic and get it swabbed


You do need this looked at - talk of "peel the skin off" is not good...!?!

Go to your GP or nearest GUM clinic:


It could just be dry skin. If you have lots of hot showers or baths it could cause the skin to be dry and itchy.

See if something like E45 moisturiser cream helps after having a wash. And use clean cotton underwear as this will help with the itchiness. This is someone speaking from experience with eczema, man made fibres like polyester will not help in letting the skin breath.

If this doesn't help speak to your GP, they will help you out in finding which products will help with such sensitive areas.


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