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Do I need Emergency contraception?

Do I need emergency contraception or am I just being paranoid?

I am on the pill and have an (non hormonal) IUD fitted (since fitting I have been back and forth with my GP over issues with bleeding constantly so I am not sure if that means they wont work effectively)

I was fooling around with a guy while drunk last night and though I had told him I didn't want to have sex with him, he tried anyway. He got his dick about an inch or 2 in before i pushed him off of me.

He wasn't wearing a condom, as we weren't having sex.

I threw up about 8 this morning (this occurred around 5am) so am worried that even if my pill would of been effective it isn't now. If it makes any difference I take my pill at 8pm every night for three weeks and then have one week off and I have two pills left in my current packet.

So do I need to get emergency contraception just in case, or am I being overly paranoid?

I have heard that the morning after pill is less effective each time you use it, and though I have never used it before, If I dont need it, I dont want to take it incase it then wont work if I really do need it one day.

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Hi, I think you are just being paranoid, if your are using the IUD as well as the pill you will be fine, you may have thrown up, but if you took your pill at 8pm and threw up at 5am that’s a whole night for it to be absorbed, you would have had 2 methods for last night.

The coil can cause irregular bleeding for 3-6 months after insertion, but as long as the coil hasn’t moved or anything the coil is effective.

Hope this helps! X


If he didn't cum inside you then you're just being paranoid. With hormonal IUDs, I know the bleeding and spotting is normal during the onset of action and nothing really affects it's effectiveness - I guess it's same for the non-hormonal IUDs too if people choose it over hormonal ones.. though I'm not sure. As far as I know, the morning after pill is absolutely effective (95-98%) no matter how many time you use it. There can be side effects on repeated and frequent use but that's not gonna affect it's contraception.


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