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Copper coil


I have had my copper coil in for around a year and I am on a really long period at the minute it started at the end of october and I just don't know what to do can anyone help?

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I've just had to have mine removed after 2yr 2months as the bleeding was horrendous, for months doctors kept saying it wouldnt be the coil but everything else was being ruled out and as soon as I had it removed it stopped x


Ouch. Anything unusual with your periods you should go straight to the doctor and ask them to refer you to a gynaecologist.

I had awful periods for years and didn’t go to see a specialist and now I can’t have babies. You know yourself if something isn’t right so always trust your instincts.

Is it heavy?

Could be a proble with your coil - ask for an internal pelvic scan - they’ll check everything out.


Ps I had a copper coil for years, and had horrendous periods, but that’s because I had endometriosis and didn’t know I had it. Never had a long bleed like that tho - 3 weeks sometimes. Xx


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