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I need some advice.

I have been on progestogen only pills since 2014 (cerezette, implant, implant and cerrezete together, microgor and finally on noraday)

I have bled constantly on all of them. Even after the 6month period.

I suffer from migraines so I can not have the combined pill. I am fearful of needles- so would rather not have the injection.(But I saw on another post that it's the same drug as noraday so not good for me anyway) . The doctors say no more than "it's just the way my body reacts to it. Everyone is different."

I've had blood tests. And have scans and nothing is out of place.

But now they are recomending (and have done for a few years) the coil. I am reluctant to get the coil. Because of my past experiences with the implant and bleeding constantly-i don't want to go through the procedure to find out it doesn't work. But because I've tried everything else, the coil is my last resort.

Please can I have some advice? How is the coil? Does it work for the people who do also bleed constantly?

Noraday also makes me very angry and emotional. Im also very anxious on noraday. Does the coil help with this? I'm heavy on noraday- does this get helped by the coil?

Thank you

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i have the non hormonal copper coil so can't comment on the Mirena hormonal one. I have had no problems with mine and glad to be off hormones. If your periods are heavy they may recommend the hormonal one as it does stop some people from having periods. Can take a few months to settle though. Mine was a little painful on insertion but i can forget about it for 10 whole years now :)

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Hey I’ve had the same problems as you! Did you go for th copper coil? If so how are you getting on with it as I’m thinking of getting it


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