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Herpes transmission


I believe I contracted genital Herpes 18 months or so ago. My symptoms were very minor and my local clinic only opens 3 half days per week. As a result i've only ever had one negative swab. So the diagnosis is unconfirmed. I do have positive antibodies but I had cold sores as a young man so I dont think they mean much.

Overall I didn't really take the whole thing seriously until my girlfriend devloped genital Herpes. She's had really bad symptoms. Five bad outbreaks in as many months. She not unreasonabley blames me and this has led directly to the break up of our relationship.

I dont want to do this to any other girlfriend.

My understanding is that condoms arn't that effective at reducing transmission. Indeed I was using condoms everytime when i got infected.

I was considering whether I should take valciclovir every day to reduce my infectivity?

Is this likely to be effective / sensible strategy?


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Hi. Like you I had a negative swab.. but I've had this for over 40 years. Firstly did you have an outbreak when the swab was taken and was it done at the g.u. clinic. If you didn't, go back again when you do have one, they are often open until late. Secondly, some people don't have much in the way of symptoms, i.e. blisters or sore/rough patches, but you can still be infectious as there's viral shedding; so it might be a case of wearing a condom for a while longer after you think the infection has gone? ( I'm guessing on that one). Condoms do offer protection but it does depend on where the outbreak is... it can travel. Keep a diary to monitor the severity and frequency of each outbreak .You can take meds daily, but that depends on the number of outbreaks you have. You can also use a lemonbalm topical cream which reduces the severity of an outbreak once it starts. There's also monolaurin which can help, that derived from coconut... taking oodles of coconut oil doesn't work. You can also take a supplement called lysine. All these thing can be quite costly and given it's long term maybe meds would be a better option depending on your health care provider. wherever you live.

There's a site on the 'net herpes.org.uk which I found very informative and it includes a video which is worth watching.

Hope the info is helpful. Sorry to learn that it caused the break up of your relationship... but at least you did try to minimise the risk.... some people aren't even aware they've got it. For some reason a lot of women seem to get it almost monthly.- why? Who knows. Some only get a couple of break outs a year.... I can still get them every month even though I'm over 60! then I can go months without..I wonder if it's related to a drop in immunity..wish I knew the answer.

Thanks for being a 'responsible guy' there's too many that aren't... that's how it spreads.

markh57 in reply to saj01

Thanks for your helpful and sympathetic reply.

I did get the swab taken at the sexual health clinic but I may not have been quick enough getting in to see them. Although there was still a visible red patch it had started to heal over. I think that's why it came back negative, but not sure.

I will suggest the lemon balm cream to my ex. sound like it's worth a try. Thanks.

If I get an outbreak, I wont be having sex until I'm fully over it.

The issue for me is that I worry that I will have an outbreak that is enough to make me infective but not enough to be noticeable.

saj01 in reply to markh57

I can understand your concerns... i'm not sure about how long the shedding actually lasts. That might be a question for the clinic. It also depends on where the sore erupts as to how effective the condom is going to be. . Someone may correct me ... but I was under the impression that it was spread by skin to skin contact...that's why even a cold sore on the mouth or a whitlow on the finger can be transferred. They are all different types of the same virus.... that's why it's so infectious and people are just so ignorant about it... That's the reason for keeping a diary ... so if yours shows a pattern then you'll be more likely to recognise the 'dreaded tingle'... The most important thing is to keep up your immunity... that really helps. That's looking after yourself, eating right, sleeping, etc. When the body is run down.. that's when it's more open to attack. I've got a sneaky feeling that's why a lot of women get it once a month !!! great... that as well. If you've both got it... no problem... you can't give back to each other... it's a problem when one has.. one hasn't. You'll just have to become inventive! Take heart.

I has pain in pennis and bladder since one year i go to many doctor they take test and my test result came clear they ask me that you have nothing symptomns and ask me that you have brain problem plese tell me if you have any treatment as early as possible

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