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Worried sexual health enquiry

My girlfriend went for a sexual health check after suspicion that she might have an infection, went to see the nurse & she had done a quick examination on her said that there's an infection but obviously can't tell what infection without test results, neither of us have symtoms for sti's & could an S.T.D such as gonorrhea or chlamydia be mistaken for either yeast infection or water infection ? My girlfriend is worried & assuming it's the worst of the worst she's saying she has some symtoms but i have none what so ever, haven't been checked since my last partner stupid mistake which was nearly 4 months ago surely we both would have seen some sort of symtoms in that time period ?

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Lots of people can have Chlamydia without knowing about it as lots of people don't have any symptoms for it - it's even usually referred to as a hidden infection because of this. Though gonorrhoea usually does present itself with some symptoms, 1/10 men and half of women don't usually get symptoms.


I wouldn't worry about it until you know the outcome. Women came have problems which aren't aren't sti's etc.. males can carry infections without having symptoms...You should both be tested and treated if necessary as if only one partner is treated the other can pass it back again. It's not the end of the world... these things happen...The best thing to do at the very beginning of a relationship is get checked out first. Easier said than done though.


Something doesn't quite seem right either your partner has paraphrased what the nurse has told her and seen it as "she has got an STi" when it is more likely that the nurse said based on her symptoms that she "could" have an STi as there is no real way of knowing without testing.

Testing is recommended yearly (I presume it was a typo and you meant to say 4 years not 4 months?) for those who are having sex with multiple partners (every 6 months for those engaging in higher risk sexual activities such as bareback) but if you are in a monogamous relationship then getting tested should symptoms develop is more common. If it wasn't a typo then you are unlikely to have been due to be tested either way unless you both got tested together at the start of your relationship it is not an indication that she has necessarily cheated on you.


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