Hi everyone,i have an a wired problem my stomach is getting big everyday looks and

feels like a 3 month pregnancy and i was just on my periods not long ago, im not pregnant its not painful they are no changes on my body, i just dont know what could this be,any ideas?

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  • Hi... Firstly do you get constipated? Don't know if this is any help to you but I found eating certain foods caused my stomach to bloat, so i stopped eating bread, sugary foods/ drinks, alcohol, pastries, biscuits, noodles,anything with yeast, processed foods. etc... also reduced the amount of rice and bean type foods...all of which are high carb. I'm now eating a lot of leafy veg etc, a little more fruit especially apples, tangerines, pears, some berries, not too many bananas and have a little organic natural yogurt . I drink more water and add either lemon or lime slices to it. The other thing I've done is to take my time to eat and digest my food properly, instead of woofing it down... that can help. I don't get constipated now or the amount of gas I used to. I have have started doing 'planks to strengthen my core muscles. It helped me and I lost weight and feel better for it, not so sluggish. I do have the occasional treat, but that's what they are... an occasional treat, not something to add to my regular diet.If you can add a bit of exercise then that will help too.

    If there's nothing wrong with your periods and you're not in constant pain in that way, it's certainly worth looking at your diet. Hope that helps.

  • thank you ,i will do that and i recently went back to gym so i think its time to change the diet too.

  • Hi... thanks for your reply. Glad to hear you've taken the bull by the horns... well done. All you can do is try it...see what difference it makes. it might just do the trick. If it does, then come back and maybe you can help others in turn. Hope it all works out for you. Take care. good luck.

  • I would see your GP to make sure it is not going to be cancerous as well, as that is one of the main symptoms.

  • Are your skin and eyes turning yellow? I would get your liver checked if I were you. Are you a heavy drinker?

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