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I am new here and worried about Chlamydia reinfection

Hi there, So I recently was infected with Chlamydia, which came as a big shock to me. I am scared of being infertile in the future and I wondered if there is anyway to check this? I also was concerned. If you strictly take your medication and keep to the course of antibiotics. If this works, then can chlamydia lay dormant and re-occur at a later date without being sexually transmitted? Can it lay dormant then flare up again without physically reinfection?

These are just a couple of things worrying me, thanks in advance :)

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While there are fertility tests these won't be run as a result of a Chlamydia infection unless it can be determined that you had the infection for a long period and are having difficulty in conceiving.

I am not aware of Chlamydia being able to lie dormant following a course of antibiotics but others here may have a more definitive answer, though small there is a risk of reinfection from things such as dildo's and other toy's if they have not been properly cleaned or covered with a condom though this is very small and should not be something to worry about.

To ease your mind you could get retested 6 weeks after your treatment ended (they will not test before then as it can show as a false positive) you can they speak to them about any concerns including fertility so they can give you more detailed information that may be specific to your circumstances and give you any reassurance and support that you may need.


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