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Herpes (down there)

I had sex with a new partner I've been dating for the first time on Friday night. It's now Sunday and I've just found what looks to me like herpes blisters on my penis. I'm devastated because I've got no idea if I've gotten it off her or potentially now given to her! My head is a mess. I really like this girl and now I have this to deal with. I don't know how to speak to her about it or bring it up. She's so lovely and I don't want to upset her.

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Hi, I know how worrying it is. I got it myself very badly because I have an illness that comprises my immune system. I was married and so very confused. It was only seeing my GP I learnt that loads of us carry this infection on our skin and are completely unaware. My husband tends to get cold sores and I was told that although I avoid contact with him when they're there it was most likely I'd got it from him performing oral sex and in could have been years earlier in our relationship. What I'm trying to say is it's impossible to know how or when you got it but the first thing is to contact your GP to confirm it and get treatment. Then if it is herpes they may well have a leaflet to help you explain to her and potentially any past sexual partners. It could have been either of you carrying the virus on your skin and if she's sensible she'll realise this and be understanding. First step is definitely get it checked out. Let me know how you get on x


Go get it checked it out. You will feel much better knowing if you have it or do not. It could have come from either of you, if you both like each other then this shouldn't affect a thing. I would find out for sure if it is herpes then tackle how you are going to tell her, no point stressing if it's just friction burns from sex


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