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Genital herpes

I had doubt before that I have herpes..So I go for check up...But they told me I'm clean ..But I still doubting because I had sore before on my genital that tingling and painful to death.... Luckily I started to treat my self using garlic and apple cider..And now so thankful that I'm not having break-outs again...Is genital can be cure or not... Please need reply..

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I had something similar ages ago! But mine was caused by Thrush! I also can get a sore if I shave down below it doesn't happen all the time though! Doctors tests are normally correct but if your worried ask for a retest I'm sure they wouldn't mind 😊

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Some herbalists will tell you Herpes can be cured. People have used various treatments like L-lysine. If it was Herpes, it's more likely that the external sores cleared up, which is what they do. However the virus still lives in the nerve roots and you will experience breakouts and ulcers again, usually when your hormones change ie. right before your period, or your immunity drops due to stress. You should still see a specialist however because Herpes is not the only STI that causes genital ulcers.

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