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Genital Herpes

I have a question which I am going to book an appointment with my new doctor. I got a sore 3 years ago and went to get tested and the doctor at the clinic looked and said put Neosporin on it and i asked to be tested. Came back negative. But i get the reoccurance 2-3 times a year where it looks like an under the skin surface pimple. I don't feel it until it pops where it scabs and clears in a day or two. But i feel it when i urniate as it burns because the scab sticks to my cotton underwear and breaks open. Now is there a chance the test i had at the clinic was a false negative it was a swab culture. I went to my old doctor to get her to see it but went away too quick and she said based on the redness afterwards she doesn't think its herpes. She thinks its an ingrown hair.. she prescribed a cream wifh antibiotics and steriods in it which helps it clear up super quick. Help anyone?

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Hey, it does sound a little like herpes. When you first ever got one of these sores you would have had a fever and a large amount of them for a week as the first outbreak is very severe. If you haven't had this but just get the occasional sore, chances are it's not herpes. If you get another one then try to get another test, if not you could always book in a blood test which can show if you have this virus. I had my first outbreak in October 2016 and it was awful, I was bed ridden and written off work for a week, since then, like you, I get one sore here and there which lasts around 1-2 days. I hope this helps x


No fever and hardly and just the one that occasionally shows in the same spot haven't seen it spread nothing. But ill probably get a blood as currently trying to get pregnant and just to be on the safe side. It really only seems to happen at period time and if i shave and sweat.


Deffo sounds like herpes in that cause.


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