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How do I approach my bf

I have a bf for about 7 months now but around feb I haven't talked to him for like a week and when I did he said he had a bladder infection which I thought was true because he barely drink water just sodas .. we had sex twice since then ... then I had got tested and I came back positive for chlamydia and trich and I'm furious because idk if he cheated ?? Idek how to ask him

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Oh dear, I think you knew that he was lying ,or,why did you go to get tested.

You will have to ask him straight out, it's your health that you are concerned about. I suspect he will lie again in which case there is nothing that you can do about it. You can't force him to tell you the truth. Do you want to stay with somebody who isn't honest with you. It is caught by sexual intercourse so don't let him try to tell you otherwise.

I,m sorry that this has happened. But get yourself treated and decide if you want to move on or not.

Keep your chin up Hun, you,ll get over it.

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Think he's cheating luv - defo !!!


He is wrong mainly for not telling you he's cheated but if he has been treated for chlamydia he is told to tell ALL sexual partners he's been with in the past &/or currently with.

By not telling you he's put you at risk!

Chlamydia is so bad if untreated. It has no signs and you have no idea you have it. He could have wrecked your chances of ever being able to have children had you not of got checked.

Ide be grateful you had a good head on your shoulders to tell your self not to trust what he has said at face value and get checked.

Now it's time to tell him to his face he is a two timing sleeze and bang outta order for not telling u he had chlamydia. He put you totally at risk to save his own skin, and dick!

He is a total D*ck!

Dump him and move on!

So so sorry tho sweetheart!!! 😞


it sounds to me like his bladder infection was likely Chlamydia as this often infects the bladder. You have to tell him so he can get treated properly with the proper antibiotics. Email him if you cannot tell him over the phone.


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