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Please help, any advice welcome

I've had the coil for almost 3 years now and always had normal periods every month lasting 3-4 days only this month im really heavy losing clots (quite a lot of them) and im on day 9 of bleeding i feel so drained and lacking energy. Just wondered as this is so out of the ordinary for me should i be worried and see a doctor? Im not pregnant and I've just had a recent smear test that was negative for cervical cancer I've got a young child who i can barely run around after being so drained and tired.

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My friend just went through this too. She had the coil removed because the bleeding was insane and now she's been diagnosed with severe anaemia due to really heavy periods for months. It's worth asking your gp for some tests? Better to be safe especially if you have a little one, they're exhausting at the best of times.


I'm still bleeding now coming up for 2 weeks 😱 its so tiring being a full time mummy especially getting up at 7am for school when I've barely slept I just hope it doesn't bring my insomnia back its taken me years to get myself into a regular sleeping pattern and since I've started this period this month I've had more unsetlled nights than I've had in the last 6 months. I phoned the gp yesterday been told to phone again next Monday 😱 and yes I'm the same as your friend with being anaemia always been anemic since I had my daughter and it got better last year but I think due to this amount of bleeding it's back coz I'm constantly exhausted thanks for your advice. Hopefully the doc can sort me out 😃 xx


My friend got two sets of pills, one to delay her period and one to lessen the bleeding when it eventually comes on. They also referred her to a gynaecologist because of the irregular bleeds. Maybe you could ask too?x


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