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So i was diagnosed last year after a positive swab test for herpes not sure what type as this info wasn't given by gp but it's whatever type you get down below. Well my first outbreak was absolutely awful I couldn't wee or sit or walk it hurt really really bad!!! I've since had a few outbreaks here and there mainly when stressed or run down and sometimes before and after a period which I get every month. I've been with my partner two years thank god he's understanding and has accepted me having this. I was just wondering if there was anything I could take on a regular bases to keep them at bay? Its hard not to get stressed or run down and tired being a full time mum I have depression and anxiety I take sertraline for that, maybe that's playing a part in breakouts. I've accepted I have herpes but it still makes me feel absolutely awful each breakout I get. Any advice welcome. Thanks in advance

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  • Hey, my first outbreak was 5 years ago and I still remember how horrific it was, sounds a lot like yours. I read up that as well as stress and being run down etc that sugar, caffeine and alcohol can bring on outbreaks. If you eat white bread or pasta or things like that, cutting down would probably help.

    I switched to herbal teas, totally changed my diet and I've only had one other outbreak ever since. I do get stressed out very easily, I'm just one of those people. I suffer from depression and anxiety, I have a 3 year old and I'm 21 weeks pregs with number 2 so cutting out stress isn't an option 😄

    It's a really horrible thing, I understand completely where you're coming from. I've found that when you have a bad outbreak, peeing into a jug of warm water reduces the pain and filling a condom with water, freezing it and putting it between your legs numbs pain for a good while(seriously), gotta be creative! Do you have the numbing cream from your GP? And spare drugs?

    Hope I've been some help x

  • Speak to your doctor about taking an antiviral like Acyclovir. Basically, HSV enters your body through the skin at a point where a nerve ending sits, causing an outbreak. When the outbreak heals, the virus retreats and hibernates in the base of the nerve near your spine. When you get prodrome - the tingling and under-the-weather feelings - that's a sign the virus is working its way back up the nerve to have a chomp on your skin again. Sometimes it travels up and down the nerve shedding viral particles without causing an outbreak - when this happens, you may transmit without symptoms. Antivirals not only assist with faster healing, but they also suppress viral activity and reduce shedding. You're less likely to have outbreaks when on antivirals and you're less likely to transmit asymptomatically, too. It's a win-win. Given that you have anxiety and depression and that it's known stress contributes to increased viral activity, your doctor should definitely see the benefits of prescribing - saying that, a lot of GPs haven't had specialist sexual health training and may well know less about managing HSV than you do. If your doc won't prescribe, go back to your local CASH clinic, have the same convo with them and ask them to write to your GP. Acyclovir is a game-changer, not only for managing your symptoms, but also for managing risk with your partners. I have found paracetamol to be good for pain, but I take antivirals daily and haven't had a full-on outbreak for years. Good luck!

  • Aww bless you. You are not alone!!! Iv had herpes for years. This year iv been getting outbreak after outbreak absolutely terrible. I went to the doctors and they gave me 5 months worth acyclovir. I have to be taking pills everyday because my outbreaks always come back just after clearing away. I took them for a good three week and they didnt help me at all. I stopped taking them. Stress definitely tiggers them. Im stressfree and I havent had a serious one in a month. Hopfully its stay that way.

  • smitheil I had no idea sugar and caffeine came hand in hand with breakouts, il note that for future reference thank you! when I have a breakout they aren't really painful or they don't hurt when I go the toilet (the first time was horrific) its just not nice to keep having outbreaks every month, unfortunately I cant help having periods lol. ive had nothing from my doctor since my first lot of tablets when I was diagnosed (last year) would be nice to have something to hand tho. thanks for all your advice, good luck with pregnancy number 2 :)

    nadiezdha73 thank you I shall have to go back to the gp, they never really informed me of much at the time so I ended up doing my own research (read some horror stories lol) but theres no harm going back to see the doc and see what gets said.

    bellaerose21 so stress is a defo no no then lol, il have to remember to stay calm, as I said in my post its not easy being a full time parent with dramas with her dad (we're not together) hes so abusive to me all the time coz hes such a paranoid mess, which obviously isn't easy to not get stressed out. thank you for the info I will go back to the doctor.

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