Coil still there after 25 years

I have just been seen by our local gynaecologist after concerns about blood spotting, I am 52 years of age my period,s stopped suddenly in march 2006 ,I can be be so precise as my son died and they put my period,s stopping down to grieve.

So as I said I have had the occasional blood spotting and thought it best to get it checked, my last son was born in august 1991 , before I'd conceived him I'd had the coil for around 2 years previously.

After my son's birth I was sterilised.

imagine to my surprise I was told to day the coil is still there how or why I simply can't explain .

My question is surly they should of known or seen it or more to the point how on earth did I fall pregnant with it still there.

I'd appreciate any feedback

Guernsey lady

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I guess it had moved to allow the fertilisation and then implantation to happen. They are only small and maybe when you had your scans for pregnancy the baby was in front of it? Didn't you/they question how you had got pregnant with a coil in? Is it a copper coil or progesterone? Could you feel your threads?


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