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Warts on Penis

Hi, I've recently had a few warts on my penis area and i'm extremely worried. I'm concerned for long term consequences if i am diagnosed with genital warts. Are all warts on genitals sexually transmitted diseases? Or could they merely be warts that are easily treated and something not to worry about?

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Dude, I had a wart on my penis when I was 19, scared me to death because I had another guys dick rubbing up against mine while were playing around. When it appeared days later, I applied a bunch of "A&D" ointment to it for like a week or 2 & miraculously it went away & I've never had a problem since. That was 39 years ago! I never went to a Dr. or clinic due to what I did worked! I think with treatments of working ointments & oils you'll be fine.

Question to you though, do you have any advice to me for my erectile dysfunction? I have all the drugs, Viagra, Levitra, Cialis but they all carry huge side effects. I never had a problem with keeping my dick hard through completion with my guy until about 10 yrs. ago & NOW, I start out good, but then I lose the erection right before I think I'm going to cum! I mean, we all know when we're going to cum as that's crucial, but that's when I'll lose my hard dick! It's frustrating to say the least! Any thoughts? Any contacts that you would have to get me to where I can correct this problem would be much appreciated! Thanks!


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