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Herpes back and bad

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting. I unfortunately was diagnosed with herpes from a young age and have been already living with it for a good couple of years now. I am only 18 currently. Finding out about it was devastating, but over the years I have come to terms with it and been able to recognise when a breakout is going to happen and know how to deal with it. But a couple of days ago I felt extreme irritation in the vaginal area, so much so it was disturbing my sleep. I now have the sores and have been taking Acicilivor three times daily but it's only getting worse. I would put my outbreak now on par with my first one. It's got so bad that I've noticed when I do go to pee there is blood on the tissue from the sores, but this is so unlike anything I've had since the first outbreak and I didn't even have blood with the first one. I'm extremely worried and frantically trying to get a doctors appointment booked.

But for the mean time, has anyone experienced anything like this with their herpes? And if so how to deal with the constant irritation and pain. I've tried vagisil but it makes the sores even more painful. If anyone could give some help or just anything really it would be so so appreciated. Thanks

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hey luv,use apple cider vinegar for the blisters.It will help.Consume oregano oil and olive leaf extract daily,Remember fish,lysene and vitamins work well.Avoid sugars ,acidic food and caffeine. You can try doing the oxygen therapy.Also buy this book called hsv eraser.It does help.


My first few episodes were really bad, I didn't find vagisil helped at all either. I swear by Instilligel which is a very runny liquid that strongly numbs the entire area. I use this every time until it starts going away from the pills.


Hi i was just wondering how things have gone since this post. As i was reading this it was as if i had wrote it myself. I am currently experiencing the same things x


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