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Worrying myself sick here ...

I have been having the depo injection since around August 2014 now. My periods stopped from the beginning all together. Now whilst having sex I seem to bleed a little, never a thick consistency or pure blood, but it's worrying me after reading about cervical cancer. It stops after sex. I have also had a few random days where the same happens without sex, it's like a blood-water sort of thing. I need advice!!!! :( so embarrassed to see my GP although am booked for my next depo shot on August 18th.

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Hi, I had the same injection in 2012 and was on the injection for about 15 months.

I had a few bits of spotting but nothing that I really thought warranted a visit to my GP. However, I seemed to put on a lot of weight and unable to lose it while on the injection. I actually gained 3 stone in that time from it and decided that although it stopped me from getting pregnant. I was very over weight and it was impacting on my overall health.

In July 2013, I told my GP I wasn't happy on it and told him I would not be going for another injection. It took a year for my periods to fully return and they have never been the same since. They are regular but have gone from lasting 5 days to only 3. Which is great, less bleeding. Except it’s not, the cramps are more intense and I bleed heavily for all 3 days then it stops suddenly. All of which, is apparently quite normal just uncomfortable.

If you need any guidance try this website below. If you are worried about it, I'd strongly suggest speaking to your GP, or asking for a female Dr to speak with you. I know it’s a daunting prospect, but when it comes to your vaginal health. Never, ever ignore it.


Thank you so much for a reply!!

I haven't put on any weight, I seem to lose it if anything. I'm very petite, only weight 7 1/2 stone and never go under 7 or over 8.

I can't take the pills because of my migraine tablets and don't really want the implant! Have tried to phone my doctors but the systems are down so I can't book an appointment. Will defiantly get it checked out!



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