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unable to cum


please can someone help and give me some direction. my partner is able to get an erection but he cant climax, no matter what i do he never cums. we are both very frustrated plus we want to have a baby in the near future. he has always had the problem and never cum in his life! he wont go to his GP as she is a woman. I want to please him to the point of climax but no matter what i do it never happens. he gets really turned on and to the point but then thats it! I really want him to be happy and for me to be able to get him there. has anyone had the same issue if so what did you do??? please help....

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I understand and empathize with you. If your husband always had this problem, then this requires medical evaluation. This can be a case of retrogate ejaculation - a psychological concern which can be addressed by a sexologist.

I suggest you to seek an opinion from sexologist.


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I too have this problem (Not being able to come ever, and my GP is also a lady) I was sent to a GUM clinic, they did a number of tests (one particilar one i hated, was sticking a cotton bud down my japseye) im still awating the results, i'll reply with what they found.

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Is he able to climax/cum when masturbating?

If not, I would get the mechanics checked out.

If he can, you may just need to take longer, or dip in and out of sex, or see dougied85 ...


Why bother making a comment if you're just going to be unkind and unhelpful? Idiot.


he needs to not suffer in silence, and go seek the help. I can understand that this is an embarrassing thing for him, but his GP will have probably dealt with this before. Assure him, she will have seen more penises than he's ever likely to have hot dinners


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