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Is this herpes?

1 week ago on Thursday night i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend of 1 year. I have never seen anything on his penis that was alarming. He does get cold sores on the lips when steessed, but we both agree upon no oral sex when he has small out brakes. Last Thursday we neither of us had signs of anything abnormal. Friday evening i worked out for about an hour and a half. I was wearing tight pants and did not shower for a good 5 hours afterwards. When i got home and was getting undressed to shower. i felt a single small bump on the outside lip of my vagina. It itched, but only when i touched it. I had it for 24 hours and it completely went away(not even a scar now). I have absolutely no pain, no itch, no discomfort what so ever. I have not had sex with my boyfriend since. I am trying to make an appointment to see a doctor. Can someone tell me if you think this is herpes?

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No its not herpes, you would've had a bump that filled with liquid that then popped, then it would be a blister that burned during urination,then while healing would itch alot and scab over.


Doesn't sound like herpes to me for the reason the other person said. And the doctors probably won't be able to check unless said blister is actually there at the time. They sometimes do blood tests but not all doctors do and tbh I don't think they're particularly reliable anyway.


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