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Can any other std mistaken for herpes?

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i'm new to this site. recently my partner and i had sex for the first time, he was rough. Two days later am having pain sitting and urinating. he told me he has been clean but a girl he met gave him orals and couple weeks later he saw her with sores on her lip. the pain got so unbearable that i went to the gynaecologist, he told me i have herpes. i had yellow discharge, bumps etc but no itching. My boyfriend has no symptoms at all and he received oral sex from her almost 2 months now. can anyone help me understand?

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I got diagnosed yesterday with it.type 2 i was given meds when i went for a check up last week and its cleared up 4 now

So basically it sounds like you have hsv1 which can be transmitted from one person to another through oral or sexual intercourse. So although your boyfriend hasn't got symptoms he may have it and have carried the virus which is how you've got it.

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Sigh. Thanks for all the helpful replies. Am really scared about the blood test results

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It can lie dormant in the blood not all people show symptoms it all depends on the individual and there immune system. Your boyfriends may have HSV But his immune system suppresses it so he doesn't have outbreaks.

Go to the gp and get anti viral tablets also salt baths will help heal more quickly.

Also check if it's HSV 1 you have because then his story could be true.'

Well some people have Herpes and rarely, even never, have a break out with the blisters. He could have it and just never 'express' it on his skin or experience other symptoms and just infect others. A 'Typhoid Mary' situation.

And yes, even 'professionals' can mistake Syphilis genital ulcer for Herpes.

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Herpes appears between 2 and 20 days after sex of any kind with someone who is infected. Maybe your boyfriend is one of the very lucky ones who has nothad any symptoms.

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