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I recently had unprotected sex with a new partner last week . 2 days later I noticed a burning sensation in my genitals and it felt as if one side was swollen. The pain continued to increase and then about 5 days after having sex I noticed small red lumps. I went to my local sexual health centre where I was diagnosed with genital herpes.

Although I know a primary herpes outbreak can happen months after contraction, symptoms usually appear within 2 days onwards - which is what happened with me.

I contacted the guy and asked him if he had known he had herpes and he told me no, but said that since we had sex he also had noticed small red lumps on his penis but he was too embarrassed to talk to me about it. Is it normal for people to have their first outbreak at the same time?? I heard that rough sex can trigger an outbreak, is this true?

I am now confused as to who the initial carrier was, although to be honest we are both to blame as we were stupid and did not use contraception.

I am finding it hard to deal with the extreme pain and am having real difficulty sitting and walking. I got Acicglover from the clinic and have been taking it for 2 days now but to be honest, symptoms seem to be getting worse although I have not noticed any new blisters. I have read that the herpes usually heals within 2 weeks. I know everyone is different but I was just wondering is this from the initial pain/burning, when the blisters appear or the length of time to heal since treatment was begun??


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It always gets worse before it gets better just like a bruise that med helps take it.


One of you would have to have already had it, it doesn't just appear out of thin air. You're more likely to pass it on in the week before, during or the week after an outbreak so I guess it would make sense for you both to have it at the same time.

Sex can trigger it, doesn't necessarily have to be rough though. It's something to do with disturbing the nerve endings, as that's where the virus lives.

Don't beat yourself up, you can pass it on with contraception too as it only covers part of the area where skin on skin contact happens during sex. Although you should generally use protection with a new partner anyway but hey we all make mistakes. Just take this as a warning and be glad it wasn't something worse!

It generally gets worse before it gets better as the other comment said. Try putting a bit of vaseline (obviously just plain) on the blisters which helps to lubricate them a bit (although that in itself might be quite painful).

The healing time is different for everyone, although your first outbreak is usually the worst.

Go to, loads of great info there to put your mind at rest and answer your questions.




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