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Can you please confirm I have nothing to worry about concerning Hep C and no repeat testing after 6 Months?

I had tests at twelve weeks for HIV, Hep B, Hep C, Syphillilis, Ghonorreah and Clamadia and all were negative. I have to accept these results and stop thinking I need to return after six months for a repeat Hep C Test.

I have been told by many that if anything had happened with unprotected oral sex and there were sores or my own blood on my penis it would not be concern for Hep C; it would for B but I have already been inoculated for that anyway. The possible sores may have been from masturbation a few days earlier which do occasionally bleed and the other sore if I was stuck in my underwear if I move sharply; I then wondered if there was my own blood on my penis the night of possible oral sex but again have been told no need to worry.

I just want to get back to normal and accept all results are negative and know I do not need to repeat any tests after six months have past.

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If they are all negative at three months you should stop worrying and move on.

Hep C is very hard to catch from oral sex alone (if not actually impossible). It's mostly spread through sharing injecting equipment and through unprotected anal sex. Regarding blood contact, you'd need to come into contact with a reasonable amount of someone elses blood on an open sore (not just a graze) to be at risk.

So from what you have said (and the fact you've had a negative test) don't worry and move on.


It emerges the test I had is for antibodies only according to The Sexual Health Line; I mentioned one day I had brown water when I went to the toilet but that was one time only and it was during a gastro bug; I am pretty sure if there was any hint of it then it would have been picked up at my test one day before twelve weeks. The brown water was four weeks after possible exposure. I don't actually remember having oral sex; I do suffer from anxiety and worry every time I do go out. I may have dreamed that I walked into the toilet and someone touched my penis. It was the following day when I went in the shower and thought did something happen?


Are you still saying nothing to worry about and are you a health expert?


Is anybody medically qualified able to respond to my further questions please?


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