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Worried that my nurse gave me the wrong information/didn't inform me correctly?


Okay, so I've been on Microgynon 30ED for the past three years or so, and I've always gone to my local GP/Sexual health clinic to pick them up.

I recently started university in another city, and when I went to the on-campus nurse to pick up a prescription, I told her about how before I went on the pill, I never got period pains, but since being on it, I get absolutely awful ones, and dread my period. She then told me that if I wanted I could "just not have my placebo week", obviously I was very confused as I'd always been told that you can't skip anymore than two placebo weeks (by going onto the next pill packet), but she said that she was recently informed that we didn't even need to have the placebo week?

Anyway, she swapped me to Levest 150/30 and explained that it's got the exact same ingredients as my previous pill, only by a different company and told me I can continually take the pill (without having a 7 day break) and that if my period breaks through, then just don't take the pill for 4 days, allow my period to do it's thing for a bit and then carry on as normal, taking the pill (I'm assuming she swapped me to Levest because it doesn't have the 7 placebo tablets like Microgynon, so therefore less confusing for me).

I felt a bit worried, so checked back a week later, just to double check she'd told me the right information (as I'd never heard of being able to do this before, plus couldn't find anything online about it) and she told that what she had said was correct, and that it was a new method that sexual health nurses had been told they could give to people.

Anyway, my period broke through today, and I don't know whether to continue taking my pill or do as she says and not take it for 4 days? I just don't understand how not taking it for 4 days isn't the same as a four "missed pill" days and therefore I'll be unprotected from pregnancy?

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Your Nurse is correct. You can run your pill packs back to back without a break. The advice is that you have 4 bleeds a year. So thats every 3/12 . some people will start to bleed before 12 weeks so it is advised to stop for 4-5 days then restart and repeat the process.. You have been taking your pill for weeks ( 12 weeks) and are only having 5 days off. The standard way to take your pill is 21 days and 7 days off and you will not be at risk of pregnancy in that 7 day break. Listen to your nurse she is correct.

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