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Worried, could you help, please?

Well I met a guy yesterday and we ended up having sexual contact. I used my left hand to masturbate him, then my right hand. He told me he precums a lot, I think I felt some on my my palm of my left hand not sure if there was any on my fingertips. Anyway I had a cigerrette 10 minutes later but touched quite a few of them, so could I catch anything? I'm more worried that my siblings might have caught something because my brother and sister smoked a couple of my cigerrettes without me knowing so could they get anything? I'm not sure if he had an STI or STD but he said he hasn't.

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Dear sharniie786,

You can't catch a sexually transmitted infection from a cigarette.

Kind regards.



From what you've said there doesn't appear to be any risk of STI's. However as you are sexually active it's probably worth heading down to your local sexual health clinic to chat about things like contraception / get free condoms etc.


Yea and you can catch aids from a bathroom toliet seat lol not


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