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Help anyone know what this could be on vagina?

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Does any know what this could be please? It is very sore it a few days on my labia on vagina and looks swollen and very sore. I’m really worried. I have an appointment tomorrow but if anyone knows what this could be please let me know

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this looks like anogenital herpes simplex. Hopefully you have had a diagnosis and treatment by now as well as full sexual health screening.


hi there, what it sounds like is mild symptoms of thrush. Or the underwear you wear may be too tight or not breathable, hence why you may get swollen. Thrush can be fixable however and nothing to worry about. However, defo go to the healthcare professionals.

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Rosie I am afraid those are ulcers and candida (thrush ) doesnt cause ulceration .

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okay i learn something new everyday thank you for letting me know x

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