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Mild autism


Hi there my name is Emma im 20 (21 soon) i havent been diagnosed but i would like confirmation ive heard of self diagnosis but what do everyone else think Sometimes i struggle to make new friendships i also Find it difficult to picture myself as someone else Struggle to keep conversations going Get upset when i have to change my routine i have a very extreme Strong interest in music and art i have a brilliant memory Have difficulty sleeping i.e i go to bed at 10pm and im still awake gone midnight When i were a child i had speech therapy i can communicate really well although i get easily distracted i can keep eye contact i am able to work and do stuff a person without autism can do so what you guys think?



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Hello Emma, it certainly sounds like you have some of the traits for Asperger Syndrome or HFA but obviously you need a formal diagnosis, starting with a visit to your GP.

You could try this test to get a better idea of whether you are on the spectrum. It's NOT a diagnostic test but a score of 32 can be indicative of some form of autism. Here's what the authors say about the test:

"The authors cited a score of 32 or more as indicating "clinically significant levels of autistic traits". However, although the test is popularly used for self-diagnosis of Asperger syndrome, the authors caution that it is not intended to be diagnostic, and advise that anyone who obtains a high score and is suffering some distress should seek professional medical advice and not jump to any conclusions"

Hope this helps?

Emze21 in reply to Nozmo

Thank you i did the test and i scored 29 but when i have been to my doctor and told her that i think i may have a slight bit of autism she never listens she just said i dont think you do when i know for myself i do im no doctor but i know i do ive seen how ive been doing things ☺

Nozmo in reply to Emze21

It looks like your test result is borderline but, as I said, it isn't a diagnosis.

Could you see a different GP? My GP surgery has a few doctors working there so if I was in your situation I would make an appointment with a different doctor and get a second opinion. Could some member of your family support you on your visit to the GP? Maybe your parents can recall evidence of autistic traits from when you were growing up? When my son was diagnosed I remember that a lot of the evidence came from observations on his development from me and his mother. It could be different with adult diagnosis but I still think it will definitely help if you have a family member on your side.

You could also try talking to somebody at the National Autistic Society; they have a good helpline and will probably be able to give you some good advice. Here's a link to the "diagnosis" section on the website. It gives some info on getting a diagnosis and the benefits of being diagnosed.

Emze21 in reply to Nozmo

I guess i could try again and see what happens ☺

Thank you i shall do that ☺

I did the test myself and my school reports say things about me not being too good at certain things

It's my own option that a professional diagnosis is not essential. You can seek self help and possibly do a better job at identifying your strengths and weaknesses. A professional is helpful if you feel you want to affirm your self diagnosis. Even with a diagnosis it's up to the individual to want to modify or control their behavior or responses. You can learn this by reading about autism and aspbergers online. The only benefit of putting a label on your self is to help seek information that applies to that label such as aspergers Read about the different levels of authism from mild to severe and try putting yourself on that spectrum You sound like you have classic aspergers behaviors and it's good to think of it as a category of behaviors that you share with a heroic just like you.

You sound a lot like my daughter who is about to turn 18. I look at some of the behaviors as very strong positives like the love of art and music. you can learn to understand others even though you may not ever be as good at it as others. We are all different. We are unique and that's what makes people interesting.

Good luck on your self discovery. Self improvement is a subject we could all benefit from. you are not alone so it's good to seek out others who share your interests and frustrations and discuss ways you work things out to find your comfort zone.

Emma, I wanted to share with you that my daughter shares all of your behaviors. But the other one that became concerning was the tantrums and fits of anger when she got frustrated from either over explaining things or not understanding by taking things I said too literally. She would also be upset with herself after a meltdown. you didn't mention meltdowns. I believe that is a common trait of aspergers and the one that usually causes a person to seek help. Depression is also a symptom of my daughter when she has frequent meltdowns and doesn't understand certain situations. so my question is why did you decide to self diagnose.

Depression can be a serious problem if it goes in diagnosed. it can cause poor performance in school and stressful situations can make it worse. I would make sure you seek a counselor if you are feeling depressed.

Emze21 in reply to Whatisee

Im not feeling depressed i already have counselling for my anxiety but im not depressed its just the fact of the mild autism i meet the symptoms ive had trouble making friends and other things

I think you may have, as you put it, mild autism but nothing serious. I am like yourself, i like music and art too but also don't really know what it is because I can do most things that non- autistics do. I think you could be on the spectrum. No two autistic people are the same and we are just beginning to understand the genes involved in autism- but as far as I am aware there is no single gene responsible but a whole string of dna making up the autistic person. I would say, if you are worried go and see a psychologist who specialises in these matters just to work out whether this is your problem or set of attributes, more like!! Autistics are very gifted on the whole but have trouble maintaining friendships, relationships. You sound as if you are on the spectrum but perhaps you have a non autistic parent and therefore your genes are more likely a spectrum, meaning with some autistic and some non autistic traits. Hope this helps!!!

Emze21 in reply to juli_81

Thanks ive tried to get refered through my doctor but shes not listening to me no matter what i say she wont listen

juli_81 in reply to Emze21

Well maybe now is not the time. Maybe the doctor doesn't want to diagnose you due to fears that you have only mild autism but by telling yourself you are disabled you will start to behave that wayand then you are one step closer to being statemented as special needs. You don't want that do you? Please be very careful. You are still young with your life ahead of you.Don't give up- go to art college if you are good at art and develop your talents- one day you will thank me!!! Sometimes I wish I'd never had a diagnosis as mine was atypical and milder than most. You don't want to loose confidence or have people lookat you as being somehow odd or strange. Is it worth it? Work on your social skills- the only way to do it is to observe others and take part in life! Are you at college?

Emze21 in reply to juli_81

I dont class myself as disabled or anything along those lines because i know im not im capable of most things i just struggle in others and im not bad at art but these days you have to have money to join art college and college all together i already suffer with anxiety had it since january too

Sometimes when i try to do something and i cant persue it i get frustrated at it

No i havent been able to make friends easy and small talk i find i struggle to keep a conversation going when it comes to making new friends it will be like one or two words here and there not full on sentences

Yeah i have a collection of books from my favourite band that i have had since their first book actually came out but thats it nothing else

Im obsessed with music all together

Hi Emma

Try googling nhs adult autism diagnostic services in your area.

I found one in my area and I was able to self refer without going to my gp. I rang them up, answered a few questions then they sent me lots of forms and an appointment for the end of March, pretty quick compared to the wait for children's services - my son waited over a year.

Best of luck

Hi Emma - I like the awareness of both the positives and the difficulties. You show considerable insights into your 'difference'. Put time aside to gain more of that insight by accessing the vast amount of information out there, not just on Autism. A label can help as it provides some direction and connection. Seeking a diagnosis is not necessarily a priority but gaining more insights and information is. Do read Temple Grandin and Donna Williams, amongst others, particularly those who write from a teenage / young person's perspective (Lee Jackson for example). Most of all, cultivate those strengths and talents and embrace your uniqueness!

Thank you ☺

Im not faking it i havent self diagnosed ive seen my doctor

Yeah i am in England i live in yorkshire in the united kingdom

I got referred to private specialist who deal with loads of different things like my social anxiety etc

Thats what i mean but i forgot the name its not at hospital its in this other building not too far from where i live

Yeah i was referred to nhs i just thought it were a private place because it wasnt in hospital theres a seperate building

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