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18 years lost


I had a major breakdown at 38 , all my control systems crashed , I went to my gp and was given anti depressants , seroxat changed my personality , leading to a consultant psychiatrist diagnosing my as cyclathemic .

I have been drugged for 18 years of my life ,losing everything material and emotional ,have gone from a reasonably successful small business man to a virtual recluse who cant deal with normal life, recently I have been trying to take legal action and be tested for aspergers , I have stopped taking all prescription drugs my mind is now clearing and the I am involved in battling the nhs with no legal help , does anyone else have experiences of this type ?

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Hi Nick, sorry to hear of all you've been through.

Just curious...why will your GP not refer you for an AS assessment? If you have no luck with the NHS would a private diagnosis be a possibility?

they are delaying because I am building a case against them for misdiagnosis ,and prescribing drugs I never needed , things have changed since yesterday as I spoke to my consultant psychiatrist ,he has fast tracked funding and am now on his list for assessment ,he may also agree to become an expert witness if the case comes to court , the nhs have historically diagnosed depression in lots of people ,doped them and caused untold suffering , I hope to highlight this and hopefully change gps attitudes ,hopefully they may also compensate me for 18 years I have lost whilst wrongly drugged. thanks for your reply

No problem for the reply and sorry I couldn't help directly. Best of luck with the court case....and the assessment.

There are no guarantees where legal action is concerned. If I might be so bold to make one suggestion - your health is more important than winning your court case. Don't lose sight of that fact.

cheers ,its amazing how quickly you can make things happen when your mind is functional,the practise have passed the complaint to their insurance lawyers ,time to get bullied ,lol

Hi, you can demand to see another GP and request an Autism assessment, it's your right. But why do you think they are wrong to diagnose you as cyclathemic? What if they are right and that you are wrong?

I did see another gp and now waiting for an assessment , as to diagnosis , cyclathemia may have been caused by medication , who knows if they are proved right ,

When were you referred?

contact consultant myself appointment in march , strange it took gp 11 months of excuses I made 1 phone call ,and funding was approved , it is really hard in a forum to say all , the gp has sent my complaint to their insures , that's progress

You in the Uk? My referral made no mention of funding , and it was all free.

i just survived a year of it even my gp did not want to refer me and i am a medic. but go to a open time or speak to the manager

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