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Getting around indoors?

I'm wobblly on my feet but not ready to use a wheelchair indoors, I get round on my bum or all fours to a doorframe where I can pull myself up standing. I don't want to be lon the floor any longer but walking frames aren't safe and wheelchairs too intrusive. I thought I'd found the answer in a 'therapy stool', a four legged stool on four wheels which I could slide onto from the settee and 'scoot' along using my feet, but the brakes are on the castors and too small for my coordination to wlork. Any ideas please?

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Hello dear "pennypop",

how well do I know your problems.

I use two indoor-rollators (roll.1 = ground floor; roll.2 = upstairs)


I´ve bought them used, of course



thanks, but walking frames aren't safe as I fall sideways and don't find them heavy enough


following advice particularly from Jurgen I have a rollator which so far I have found useful I have now bought a similar one for use outside one with a seat but I have not tried it yet I used a frame whilst in hospital recently but had difficulty as a completly different technique is required. The rollator is far more substantial.


Have you tried a cane (one hand) or trekking poles (one in each hand). I use a cane and trekking poles, depending on where I am and what I'm doing. There are also some pretty heavy duty rollators out there if you "Google" them. Maybe you'll find one heavy enough to suit your needs. ;o)


Tanks but balance is big problem!!


Sorry, I don't have any other idea's, maybe a physical therapist can suggest something! My best to you..., ;o)


I normally use 2 walking poles to get about but have got VERY wobbly recently. I researched walkers ALOT. I really wanted a stable, heavy, big wheeled one, that could go on our gravel drive.

I found this.


It is made by the Stannah stairlift folk.

A good video-


It is brilliant, and I think you might manage it too.

There is a special offer here till 30th April.



thanks I'll look


I do not need to move far in my bungalow but using my pc chair (must have 5 castors) to scoot around makes life a little easier.


thanks Ive thought of that but worried it will tip too easy or move away from me before Ive sat on it


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