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Brain Fog anyone?

I have symptoms not necessarily caused by Cerebeller Ataxia, and follow other

Healthunlocked sites purely out of interest.

Today I read about accounts of Brain Fog, many humorous, some scarily familiar!

I used to worry dementia was setting in, now I realise I may just be sort of 'normal'?

Brain fog, muzzy head or whatever you personally call it, I would bet everyone has

encountered it at one time or another.

One day I was out with a friend, we returned to a carpark which was practically

empty and I couldn't see my car. Convinced it had been stolen I was on the verge

of ringing my husband, then I thought about pressing the key-fob. Well, obviously

the car was actually there, but my friend thought it was missing too!

Best wishes


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Help is on the way, a British company is developiong a high speed stair lift.The idea is to get you upstairs before you have time to forget why you were going there!!~Bob


Brain fog was definitely me, but I would be looking for the car and then remembering I came on the bus !

I have Hughes syndrome also on this site, maybe interesting for you to read


A high speed stair lift would be great! I would like an attachment for the vacuum

cleaner and space for heavy bulky items.

I once came out of the supermarket and thought the car had been stolen, I didn't

remember I'd used my husband's car, and had also forgotten where I'd parked it!

I'll look at Hughes syndrome, thanks!


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